Baby M

I had the awesome privilege of doing my first newborn shoot a couple of weeks ago & just now am getting to share them with y’all! I had heard that newborns are really hard to shoot, but I really didn’t think it could be that hard. I’ll be honest, it was difficult! Making sure they stay happy & warm & asleep. Yeah, M really LOVES to be swaddled & really didn’t like it when we’d unswaddle her. So, most of the time, she was bundled  up in her blanket & she really hated being on her tummy! So, I thought that would really hinder the shots I wanted to get and although I didn’t get all of them that I was hoping for, I couldn’t be happier with the way these turned out!! This is one special little girl & her family is just as special! Love y’all, H family! ♥

Here’s M & her mama, S about 2 weeks before & 1 week after!

DKP_MJHurst_2011_WEB (1)
another angle.

DKP_MJHurst_2011_WEB (4)
This is big sister, K. You’ve seen her pictures before here. This was taken when I was at their house to take the “before” pictures above.

DKP_MJHurst_2011_WEB (10)

Here she is! Beautiful baby M! This cradle (also in the next shot) is really special. My great-grandfather built this & I’ve had it since I was a little girl. I’ve been saving it for if I ever have a daughter & I just knew that I had to use it in this shoot!

DKP_MJHurst_2011_WEB (19)

DKP_MJHurst_2011_WEB (22)

I had to post color & black and white!

DKP_MJHurst_2011_WEB (34)


DKP_MJHurst_2011_WEB (35)

Aw! ♥ Sisters

DKP_MJHurst_2011_WEB (37)

So, these blankets are definitely special! Their aunt crocheted them for them when they were born! They both love their blankets & you always see K carrying hers & M is usually bundled up in hers!

DKP_MJHurst_2011_WEB (43)

This is just so sweet!

DKP_MJHurst_2011_WEB (49)

This was her coming home outfit. So cute!

DKP_MJHurst_2011_WEB (72)

Baby rolls!! She really isn’t that chunky, just the position gave her a double chin! & I LOVE it! ♥

DKP_MJHurst_2011_WEB (78)

This one is my absolute favorite!! Look at all that gorgeous dark brown hair! & it is thick too!

DKP_MJHurst_2011_WEB (83)

Hope y’all have a great weekend! I can’t wait til my next shoot! Although, I don’t know when that will be! I don’t have any shoots coming up for a little while. So, I’m completely free! If someone wants to do a shoot, email me at & we can set something up!


L…class of 2011

I was so excited to get shoot my first senior guy! L is our pastor’s son & a godly young man! God has great things in store for him! He is also an amazing guitarist, so I wanted to make sure I captured that in these photos! I’m just so thrilled with how these turned out! B family, I hope y’all love them!



The D family.

This family drove all the way from New York for me to do their photoshoot! Well, sort of. lol These are our beautiful godbabies & their parents and they came down for a visit. So, of course, while they were in town, we had to do a session! :) But, they did come from NY! lol Our shoot didn’t last too long because it was extremely hot…100 degrees before noon! And, the kids didn’t want much to do with all of it either! But, I got a few I’m definitely happy with. So, here’s a little peek for ya! J & T, hope y’all love these! Love y’all!



the gorgeous A

I had the privilege of having my first photo shoot with a client that I did not know.  Let me tell you, I was nervous!  But, I had the best time! A is just such a stunningly gorgeous young lady & an absolute blast! You’ll really see her personality coming through in her photos! She was such a natural & to think she’s never had real photos taken before! You’d think she was born in front of the camera! A, I hope you & your family love these as much as I do!

Now, I couldn’t even begin to narrow it down less than these 20 photos, so get ready for photo overload! :)


And we were able to get a couple with A & her to brothers!